Born on 06 June 1990 in İzmir, Yusuf Mert Ergene graduated from Faculty of Architecture of Beykent University in 2013 and received language courses in Brighton, United Kingdom. He worked in Kasa Akfen Hotel project in Samara, Russia, Manisa Government Hall restoration, restitution and relief project of MMA Groups Company in Turkey, Bornova Nursing Home construction project, Çeşme Residence Construction project of Veryeriler İnşaat, and İzmir Karşıyaka Municipality Temporary Sacrificial Animal Sales and Slaughtering Facility Project and Construction Works by Balban Company. After gaining these project and field experiences he started to work as a project manager in Asmert Company. The projects he managed include the Eskişehir Chamber of Trade integrated meat factory project, Erzurum Karagöl Et Anonim Şti. architectural implementation and machinery and equipment installation project, Aydın Municipality Meat Packing and Processing Facility Architectural and Construction Project, Çankırı Municipality 4,000 m2 Sacrificial Animal Slaughterhouse and Integrated Meat Processing Facility Concept, Kayseri Hizmet 1,680 m2 Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Facility land architectural construction project, Suluova Etbir 1,650 m2 Slaughterhouse and Meat Processing Facility architectural construction project and project consulting, Amasya Suluova Rendering Facility Architectural Project, Başyazıcıoğlu Stock Farm and Feed Storage architectural design project with 3,000 m2 closed space, Tarsus Villager Market Placement Modelling Concept Project, Kayseri Emmioğlu LLC 1,680 m2 Integrated Meat Processing Facility architectural construction project, Qatar DOHA Macaroni factory and Life Town project modelling and presentation, consulting in zoning and architectural construction project for facility capacity increase and 4,200 m2 closed space in scope of Samsum Florya Slaughterhouse Restoration and Modernisation Project, Afyon Ahmet İpek Sausages Student Dorm Project Modelling Presentation, İstanbul Çatalca Municipality Facilities Project and 3D Imaging, Afyon Ahmet İpek Sausages Facility 5,000 m2 closed space integrated meat processing facility architectural construction project and project consulting, Gine Conakry Slaughterhouse National Facility and Azerbaijan Gence ELBA MMC Integrated Poultry and Beef Facility Project.

Ergene continues to acts as Deputy General Manager since 2019.

Deputy General Manager.

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