In today’s world where human health carries the utmost importance, production and delivery of healthy food to the consumer can only be possible with certain measures using technological innovations, in our country just as well it is around the world. Therefore, particularly in the case of production of animal goods require a process ensuring dairy and meat products reach the consumer in healthy and hygienic conditions starting as early as stock raising in compliance with the European Union norms. 

ASMERT was founded in 2000 in İzmir, with an approach prioritising design, economy and hygiene conditions which increase work efficiency in order to define technological deficiencies in the food industry of our country and around the globe, and to determine innovations needed to remedy such deficiencies in accord with our principles.

Founder and owner of the Company is Salih ERGENE, Architect, a person with deep expertise in food sector. The Owner has 33 years of project experience. The other partners and employee of the Company have also worked in this sector and prominent companies in the food sector of Turkey.

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